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Friday, December 08, 2006

Current Events Quiz

OK kids, it's time for a quiz on current events. So, put away your books, take out a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. No, we don't need a #2 pencil as this will be a written test where we don't have to fill in ovals. Please keep your eyes on your own paper. Here we go.
1. Name one thing that you know about Paris Hilton?
2. What is Brittney Spears known for?
3. Who is the producer/director of the new movie "Apocalypto"?
4. Name one member of the womens' show "The View".
5. Name Tom Cruise's current wife and any one of his previous two wives.
6. Name just one Medal of Honor winner from Iraq.
7. Tell of one good story you've read, not heard, about Marines, soldiers or sailors involvement in Iraq.

Pencils down.
Self scoring:
Zero points for any answers for questions 1-5.
A thousand points for any correct answer for 6 and 7.
If you were able to answer any question 1-5 and couldn't answer either 6 or 7, deduct a million points, then go to the nearest mirror, look long and hard, and weep bitter tears of shame at what you see.
Then go here and here to right the wrong.


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