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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Boo-hoo and LONG overdue!

Prairie Pravda has a feel bad story about the ICE raids on six Swift meat processing plants last week. It's a "those poor victims" story that Prairie Pravda loves to tell about criminals and their hardships (I remember a horrid story in 1992 about a black punk who broke into a home in one of the northwest suburbs, stayed the day and found a shotgun that he modified by cutting down the barrel. The mother came home with her children, a son and a daughter, all white (I, unlike Prairie Pravda, have no hesitation at all to tell the race of perpetrators or victims). The little puke killed her and her daughter in cold blood. When he was caught, the despicable asses at Prairie Pravda ran an article, front page, telling us that this murderer had had a hard life. The term is "garlanding" where the perpetrator becomes an elevated victim. Like the reason a rapist rapes is that he didn't get a hug at his fifth birthday party from his great aunt).
Well, the story about the raid says that there is great trepidation up and down a 75 mile stretch of Hwy. 60. And every one of those towns mentioned is one I know intimately as they are all ones that I've been traveling through for 58 years to go to my Mom's home town of heron Lake.
So, all I have to say about the raid is: GREAT!!! WONDERFUL!!! Seems that this is exactly what's needed. Enforce the law with vigor and HOOZAH! The broken windows theory of crime applied to ILLEGAL immigrants. Seems that this should have been done years ago, especially after there was an increasing gang problem, Hispanic gang problem, in East L.A.? No. Dallas? No. Phoenix? Uh, uh. Sioux Falls? Yup. Sioux Falls with a gang problem. Hispanic gang problem!
Good for ICE...finally!
There also an excellent story on why this flood of illegals is NOT immigration (which is what my great grandparents from Sweden did over 120 years ago) but is migration. Brown America vs. America. Again, an excellent read showing once again that the left is at war with America and all things American. And nothing less than the destruction of America is their goal. Nothing less.


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