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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Your fees are too high, your taxes are too low

Yup, now that the DFL (an acronym for Dumb-Something-Loser) is in charge, let it be known that the losers with no clue legislators feel that a voluntary business arrangement between you and a business that offers gift card is in need of gross meddling. Seems that the DFL thinks that fees are too high and other parts of the gift card arrangement need to be changed or eliminated. Of all the pressing needs in this state (such as cutting needless regulations just like this), this is the first story Minnesota Izvestia comes out with for the DFL. So, private party fees are too high and unnecessary. But, taxes are just way too low. Just watch and see what the DFL does with taxes to correct that problem.
So, we'll watch as the DFL crimps business and watch the gift card business erode.
After all, the Dimwit Farout Lefties (DFL) surely know best.


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