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Saturday, November 11, 2006

When will we learn?

There are post and editorials about how wonderful Senator Allen is for not putting the people through a recount and setting a great example for other politicians.

My response. Horse-Hockey!!

If anyone thinks this will change the way Democrats behave they are fooling themselves.

The is the same stupid logic that was at the heart of the Nuclear Arms movement.
"If we set a good example just get rid of our Weapons, the Soviets will!"
Horse-Hockey - If you want to win you defeat the opponent.
The Democrats want to win and they know this - Just because we want to play fair does not mean they will.

Do I think Allen should be fighting the outcome?
Maybe - Sort of like when a coach calls for a play to be reviewed on a turnover even when he knows he will lose.
It takes away some of the momentum, and also sets up the Officials to question themselves.

But the key is, if anyone thinks that 2008 will not have the Democrats calling voter fraud and recounting every ballot they lose, they are kidding themselves.

For the perfect example. Gov. Pawlenty makes a gesture talking about how he wants to work with the new DFL House and Senate. And what does the DFL, appoints the most partisan fighter they have to lead the Senate.

And peoples are surprised!

When will we learn?


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