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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tim on Hugh

5:37 p.m.-OK, so I'm listening to Hugh Hewitt online. He's going to interview Gov. Tim Pawlenty in a few minutes, and he's introducing Pawlenty as the Last Red Governor Standing. I sent Hugh and his producer an email about five minutes ago asking that as long as Hugh has excoriated Republicans for straying badly from conservatism, that I'd suggest asking Gov. Pawlenty about his comments supporting universal health coverage for Minnesota children. We'll see if Hugh's got the spine to pop that question on the Governor.
5:53 p.m.-yup. No spine in either interviewer or interviewee. Pawlenty was asked by Hugh as a surviving Republican Governor what recommendations he had for the Repubs across the nation. "They need to do some soul searching." "We need to espouse those conservative values..." His veto pen is handy, but hopefully there will be "good products" coming down the line so he won't have to use that veto pen.
Here is my email to Hugh on 9 November, 2006:

Dear Hugh-

I’ve been a loyal listener for as long as AM1280 The Patriot has been on the air here in Minneapolis. And have been a caller on a few occasions.

I was glued to your program on 9-11. I had very painful foot surgery that very morning, but delayed getting my pain medication prescription filled because I wanted to hear Frank Gaffney’s comments on what was happening.

That being said, I listened to as much of your program last night as possible as I was traveling and the AM1280 signal weakens at local sunset.

And I was taken aback by your strong stance on your stated reasons for the Republican shellacking on Election Day. You stated that the Repubs had strayed, they brought this on themselves. There wasn’t anything that you said last night that I didn’t agree with. The reason for my amazement was your timing. You said that you had written about the danger to Republicans in March, 2006 in your book “Painting the Map Red”. And I thought “What took you so long?” March, 2006 was way too late to come over from the Dark Gray Side. I and many others were concerned in the 2002 Election about this shift away from the class of the 1994 Election. And many of us were writing and calling to our Senators and Congressmen in 2004 and sounding hard alarms then.

But Hugh, you were quite clear on 15 April of 2005 that you supported moderate and center right Senators. You stated that on your show. And then you went on to say how upset you were that there was such a horrible battle going on to confirm federal judicial appointees. What on earth did you expect? And when I got home on the 15th April, I heard you go on to say that you’d support liberal Republican Senators if they supported the Republican Party (post here ). An oxymoronic phrase if ever there were one. And yet these very same Senators that you supported in 2005 were the very same Senators that you railed against yesterday!

I agree that we now, at least for the next two years, have little if any hope of getting judicial nominees through Congress. But, I’m wondering what GWB will do to set the stage for the 2008 elections. Set the stage and make the appointments anyhow.

This is definitely a Romans 8:28 moment. Adios RINO’s. Time to clean and clear house.

Interesting times indeed for Republicans.

Best regards,

Kids, if Hugh's interview is what we can expect from media "conservatives" we as conservatives and Republicans are surely in the very deep weeds.


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