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Monday, November 06, 2006


I had heard of a new documentary called "Obsession" that uses the evidence that radical Islamists Jihadists themselves provide. Fox news did an hour special on the film. What I was able to see was chilling. And shows exactly why Democrats can not be trusted with national defense. Ever. And you need to tell others to see these clips before you vote.
Powerline and The News Buckit has linked the Fox News Special from YouTube . You need to see it. The really scary and alarming episode is where the radical Jihadists are willing to indoctrinate their children (just like the lefties do here in America in government education). I've embedded that clip below. But, for a moment, do the numbers. Though Fox and the producers mention anumber of times that most Muslims are peaceful, the usual number that are radical is 10%. 10% of 1,500,000,000 is 150,000,000. And if 10% of those are moved to terrorism, that means an active army of 15,000,000. And in the last chapter of Fox's Special , Ms. Glick is very clear to remind us that the 19 highjackers came here to America, got drivers lisences, paychecks, lived and trained to kill us all on our own soil. And the Jihadists are training all over the world. Here is the clip about the children of Jihad:


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