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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Light rail diguised as cars

never let it be said that Minneapolis Izvestia doesn't practice the lefty cathechism by trying to trap innocent people into believing that they are incapable of acting and thinking independtly. I call as my witness the attempt to convince us that social engineering is for our own good by running an article about how there is an overwhelming need for "transit" . And there seems to be an important vote coming up in a few days about funding "transit" (via a constitutional amendment) that well over 95% of all of us will never use or benefit from as we use "cars" not "transit". So, here we have a propaganda piece that's news about the huge demand for "transit" and voting in favor of the amendment that supports "smart growth" whereby you will be forced to possibly fund transit, not the roads that we all use, at 100%.


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