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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Oh,oh...seems that ABC made a huge, huge mistake: they mistakenly revealed the truth about the Foley disaster. Seems that the IM's were with an OVER 18 year old male who USED to be a page. NOT A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD. Hmmm... But, ABC had reported on Tueday that the IM's were exchanged with a young man "under the age of 18". But, in a posting on, the IM screen name of the now 21, then 18 tear old was not redacted. And an organization called Passionate America revealed the error. The Drudge Report investigated and found that the messages were indeed exchanged with the former page who was over 18 at the time. And the story has already hit the internet according to Google News. And ABC is dancing hard and fast! And Patty Wetterling may not perhaps be getting as many calls as she'd hoped for interviews now that it's revealed that the ex page in question was NOT seventeen but eighteen. Now, Foley's IM's are still, well, strange at least. But the Dems are now going to be in the crosshairs. And the bloggers over an Ms. Underestimated have a number of other links about the breaking maelstrom. And Foley is still, well...
Seems that this story is going to get wider and deeper and longer. And I suspect that the Dems may very well be taking a huge hit on this in the not to distant future.
Stay tuned...


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