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Friday, October 20, 2006

Nuts and Sluts exposed

Seems that the only people who attack people from the DFL here in the state or the Democrats nationally are either nuts or they're sluts, if you ask the DFL or Dems that is. Seems that's the case with Amy Alexander and her controversy with Muhhamed X Ellison, at least according the truth merchants at Mpls Izvestia.
Yesterday they had a piece that showed poor Muhhamed X Ellison as being victimized by Alexander. OK, so that makes her a slut. But today, Izvestia hits the perfect bifecta: She's a NUTTY SLUT! Oh please , tell me more!!!
The headline is the prime clue as to what will follow: "Woman in Ellison case is an enigma". Enigma... The subsentence reads "
Amy Alexander is known as smart but troubled. An advocacy group saw her temper firsthand." Oh, oh...hope she's in counseling. And it's then piling on, sometimes subtle...and sometimes not so subtle:
The woman at the center of an alleged blackmail controversy surrounding Fifth Congressional District candidate Keith Ellison is a long-time Twin Cities resident known for being both bright and volatile.
Gotcha. HE'S not at the center of the controversy, she is. It's her fault. Poor, poor Muhhamed X Ellison. A victim of political hate and spite ( you just know Haliburton and Dick Cheney are in this somewhere). Understood Brother X's victimhood yesterday from Izvestia's clear and concise article from. No need to convince me anymore. It'd be overkill with all their insight and logic. You need to save column inches, just like you did in the Alan Fine piece. But, now I also see that she's "volatile". I'm locking all my doors in case she's in the neighborhood. Hhhmmm. OK. What next, oh muses of truth?
Interviews with people who have known Alexander reveal a woman who has impressed others with her intelligence but also displayed what they considered a difficult nature.
People who know her...intelligent...difficult nature...really? What next?

Sen. Linda Higgins, DFL-Minneapolis, said she has known Alexander since she was a teenager because Alexander's parents were active in North Side politics. "She's very well-spoken, very opinionated. She can quote literature and famous people. There's a lot of intelligence," Higgins said. "It was nice to have a young person interested in political things."

Higgins didn't want to say much else, and other political figures who know Alexander declined to comment.

Didn't want to say much else, huh? As did others. Seems Izvestia wants me to question what these DFLers might NOT be saying by their silence.

Alexander "said she collects Social Security disability insurance because of anxiety and depression."
She wouldn't talk about any specific diagnosis because of "the stigma of mental-health problems in the African-American" community.

Otay Panky, there you have it! What others are reluctant to say, Izvestia has been able to get her to admit-She's a self confessed nut! From her own mouth!

And another group she worked with said they were "terrified" about the disruptions. "It wasn't just inappropriate behavior; it was, 'Oh, my goodness, this woman is so angry about not being hired; what do we do about this?' ""She's an incredibly intelligent person, but the anger and destructiveness -- it's hard to reconcile,".

And there you have it. Well, maybe not. Here is the story from Amy Alexanders point, a story that Izvestia has not yet seen fit to run.


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