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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Neo, paleo

I was listening to a brief overview of President Bush's comments from yesterday. One of his comments was that "the government needs to reward success". He then used that comment to support cutting taxes. The government needs to reward success. I repeated that phrase one more time. And I thought "Exactly WHERE in the Constitution is THAT perogative of government located"? It's bad enough that business is regulated to death (and BTW, regulations are encouraged by big business to thwart small business).
The very last thing I want is for any President or Congress or state government or city planning agency "rewarding" business for the same reasons that I don't want them regulating "for" or "against" business. The best thing government can do is stay out of the way. As Ludwig von Mises said "Progress is that which the rules and regulations did not foresee". As any and all august government agencies assume is that a small or select government group has better and more extensive knowledge than all those hundreds, thousands and millions of citizens and those who provide for them who make up "the market". Walter Williams has an excellent article on what he calls "The Pretense of Knowledge" which shows the radical arrogance of government.
No rewards.


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