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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Madison wrong! Constitutional scholars Rosie and Hillary on original intent

I'm listening to The O'Reilly Factor (a rare event occurence) because I saw a clip of him whacking Rosie O'Dumbell. She was screeching that she wanted an America as the Founding Fathers wanted it, a democracy. What? A democracy? And the Smartest Woman in the World (our Ex-Co President Hillary) said that we have a constitutional democracy. Smartest Woman in the World. Yup. Out of their mouths. And you'd think at least the Smartest Woman in the World would know that the Founders were quite clear that they loathed and feared democracy. And therefore put together a constitutional constructed representative republic that was democratically elected. You'd assume she'd know...
Just one more reason I want her to run so we can watch the ensuing smack down and see this oxygen sucking Jezebel and her hubby finally shown the door!


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