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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry and Klobuchar

No need to go past Minnesota Izvestia online edition. While every other online news source has a headline about the despicable comments by Kerry, Izvestia terms it as "Bush,Kerry trade barbs". What a disgusting example of a news organization. Cowards and liars all on the editorial board.
Now watch and see how many lefties distance themselves from this contemptible man and his horrid comments.
If Klobuchar goes forward with any public appearance with this "man" that means that she agrees with his statement and his sentiment. Same for every single lefty that doesn't shun him or scream for a genuine apology. Opening a vein would suffice as due penance.
anyhow,just one more reason why Klobuchar does not merit the title Senator.
Let's be real clear about one thing: if Klobuchar's last name were Anderson or Abramowitz, she'd be running a tele-marketing call center someplace in Maple Grove.


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