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Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's not in there-

How many of you remember the spaghgetti sauce ad of a few years ago that with every ingredient mentioned that should be in a good sauce, the refrain was "It's in there!"
Well, I just came across a little letter that puts the lie to probably well over 95% of everything that Congress has passed and the President has signed for the past 100 years. In other words, as far as the Constitution is concerned "it's not in there" when it comes to the Congress's power to pass many bills. And it was written by someone to would know (my blog on the constitutional scholars Auntie Rosie and the Smartest Woman in the World notwithstanding). The letter was penned by President James Madison, Father of the Constitution. Seems that he had vetoed a bill passed by Congress that seemed good, but as the author of the constitution noted, didn't warrant signing as it failed under Article 1 section 8. And it also didn't pass the "general welfare" clause either. His letter should be read by all Americans. And memorized by every politician.
If we had a Congress that observed its oath of office, a president who also did the same, and judges who understood the Constitution and their responsibilities, well, there would precious fewer economic and social problems in America.


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