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Monday, October 09, 2006

"I don't like you because you're gonna get me killed!"

Prairie Pravda has now shown why it is not just irrelevant in the real world, but has now become dangerous. Very dangerous! In an editorial (where there is only one front page article on the N. Korean nuclear threat), the idiots at the Strib think that we need to return to the Clinton style of negotiating with the Little Dog Eater from Pyongyang:"That means swallowing Pyongyang's provocations and coming back willing to deal, much as the Clinton administration tried to do late in its second term." Yes..."tried to do"... AND FAILED! Wasn't it President Velcro Zipper who sent ex President Peanut to North Korea in 1994 to negotiate a deal that the rest of the world fawned over but was an unmitigated disaster! The nuclear equipment and material that was exploded yesterday was delivered by Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright under the deal brokered by ex-President Peanut. Never forget that! And that Mr. Peanut got a Nobel Prize for failure (and for bucking and disparaging President Bush)? And the Strib wants to return to that disaster?
Don't think for a moment that Iran isn't watching what we, America, do with this situation. The exact nature of what DPRK exploded yesterday is still being reviewed, but be absolutely clear that this is a huge wakeup call to the left and to all of us.
Stanley Kurtz of National Review Online has it correct: IT'S THE NUKES, STUPID! It ain't tawdry emails from a Congressman. It's not about no WMD's in Iraq. It's not about having our own version of failed Canadian Health Care. It's about the fact that the only thing that Porno King Kim sells is a military hardware. And radical Muslims will buy and set one off in New York, Jerusalem, Washington, Los Angeles, London. They want us dead.
Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) was in Minneapolis two weeks ago. He gave a talk on why we needed to stay the course in Iraq. He mentioned that the Roman Republic realized the need to fight their enemies on foreign soil rather than Roman soil. And realized that they were going to take casualties (in one battle, they were losing ten soldiers a second!). And VDH mentioned that the highest casualties of WWII took place within two months of the end of the war.
And the American public has forgotten what it means to be an American.
Read the Kurtz article. And know there are plans to put at least one nuke on American soil. The left doesn't want us to defend ourselves (remember, they don't even want you to have a firearm to defend yourself when the local druggie breaks into your house at 3:00 a.m.). They don't want us to fight. They think Neville Chamberlain was correct. His only mistake was that he didn't give up enough. That the horrifically failed Clinton/Carter negotiating doctrine is a model to emulate right now.
The left is going to get you and me killed!


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