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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gloves? Nah, bare knuckles:The final disgrace of Patty Wetterling

Here's the bold new headline from Minneapolis Izvestia :"Complaint: Brooklyn Park pastor endorsed Bachman". A left wing complaint group out of D.C. wants to lodge a complaint with the IRS. Yet, in the article, Pastor Mac Hammond is quoted as saying that the church can't endorse Bachmann, but that he personally would be voting for her. OK. A private citizen states his preference and that warrants an investigation by the IRS? So why the huge headline when there is a small print subheadline where the Wetterling campaign has fired a paid staffer that lied to get into the Bachmann campaign. And the question is why aren't those two headlines reversed? Because Minneapolis Izvestia is a yellow dog paper where the truth does not reside nor can it be found.
So, Wetterling is a liar when she runs her ad stating that Bachmann wants an additional 23% tax (she doesn't-she's referring to a national sales tax to REPLACE the income tax), she's a liar when she states that the GOP covered up child abuse in Congress (and then Mpls Izvestia did not report that she said she had no evidence to support her claims). Now she supports illegal campaign activities. Her only qualification for Congress: Her supposed moral authority because her son was kidnapped seventeen years ago. She allowed those on the left to pour poison and beguiling words in her ear only because she had a name. And she believed them. And she has destroyed the real good she was doing with the Jacob Wetterling Foundation. And when she no longer serves a purpose, the left will dump her.


The Lady Logician said...

Sadly she sank lower....apparently one of her paid staffers tried to get campaign strategies out of the Bachman campaign by posing as a potential volunteer and supporter. It is so very sad that she has sunk to this level.

7:57 PM  

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