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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Failure or future success?

The news is still that no one knows what exactly exploded north of the 38 parallel on the Korean peninsula. Many of the mainline outlets, including a number of bloggers, believe that it was either a dud or fizzle or even perhaps an elaborate hoax (imagine putting 600 tons of ANFO [ammonium nitrate and fuel oil] in a hole and letting it go). The dominant thought is that every other member of the nuclear club exploded their first device at about 10-20 kilotons.
The DPRK device comes in at about 500-600 tons, less than 1 kt. So, the assumption is that it's a failure. Captain Ed posits that it may even be a nuclear trigger (a small nuclear explosion that drives fissile material together to reach critical mass to initiate the main nuclear reaction). What is being overlooked is the possibility reached by the Belmont Club that DPRK may have been testing a suitcase nuclear device. In reading the Belmont article, they also go on to investigate the other side that the idea of suitcase nukes are based on faulty data. An Opinion Journal piece addresses that perspective. The Belmont Club looks at a number of possibilities including that one name that keeps getting overlooked by the MSM, one A.Q. Khan of Pakistan. As Global Security says about Khan: "
During the 1990's, there were intermittent clues from intelligence that AQ Khan was discussing the sale of nuclear technology to countries of concern. By early 2000, intelligence revealed that these were not isolated incidents. It became clear that Khan was at the centre of an international proliferation network. By April 2000, the UK Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) was noting that there was an evolving, and as yet incomplete, picture of the supply of uranium enrichment equipment to at least one customer in the Middle East, thought to be Libya, and evidence linking this activity to Khan." Notice the very ominous phrase "sale of nuclear technologies to countries of concern". Countries-PLURAL. Not just Libya. Belmont conjectures that DPRK may very well be working on a suitcase nuke that works.
Also, notice that the time period for Khan's selling spree happened on Bill Clinton's watch. The Abuser in Chief of Interns seems to have other things on his mind rather then the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Wonder what Co-President Hillary was doing then? What's she doing now other than not taking responsibility for her husbands failed policy on North Korea?
So, what does that have to do with the upcoming election? Well,ask Patty Wetterling what she'll do about North Korean nuclear aggression- a question that really addresses safety for the children? Ask Amy Klobuchar. Maybe she'll offer the equivalent of an international plea bargain to the Porno King of the DPRK.
As much as the Repubs have done everything to lose this election, and Denny Hastert had better learn in the next hour that he needs to talk about North Korea and stop talking about Foley as if he has any importance anymore, let's see: greasy emails or nuclear terrorism? Hhhhmmm...which one is more threatening to America? Ask the candidates.


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