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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Democrat scary mask

I was reading the WSJ Opinion page this morning about "Getting Beyond Foley". The writer makes a number of points about the Foley imbroglio including the seemingly Republican habit of agreeing with the lefties. I always flinch and hold my breath whenever a Repub goes on to agree with a lefty. It means nothing good for the country will come of it. And I agree with the writer that the Repubs seem to want to weaken themselves by agreeing to throw people under the bus. The writer goes on to comment that there are bigger issues facing the nation that need to be addressed in this election. And I agree. He goes on to say that nomination and confirmation of judges is critical. And I agree. But I also worked hard for Bush/Cheney in 2004 with the scary Democrat specter being held out. That we needed to get constructionist judges confirmed. And with all my work, I get: Harriet Miers. All that being said, the writer misses a very big point in all this: The Republicans haven't got a single clue as to how to fight. They never have. I'm reading David Horowitz's book "The Art of Political War" for the third time. And again, I'm sorely impressed how inept the Repubs are in all this. The last time I read the book was at the start of the Tom DeLay disaster. I had just read the section on the Newt Gingrich political assassination the day Tom DeLay stood on front of the cameras to intone that he would "not stoop to the tactics of my opponents". And I looked at the screen and thought "then you're finished." And he was.
And now and again, the Repubs are befuddled and are again letting the left frame and determine the battle.
And the best that the Repubs can come up with :"It will be worse under the Dems!!!"
Not a real attractive or convincing campaign slogan.
And this on No Left Turns on a link from Powerline .


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