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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blacks , ball bearings and beachheads

The radical left wing's existence absolutely depends on keeping the black vote locked up at 90% +. Over a year ago I wrote about the black vote , its necessity to the left wingers and the issues that should peel that vote away from the lefties and to the Repubs. And it seems that there might possibly be the intellectual dawning of this here in Minneapolis. Seems that the modern equivalent of "Heather Has Two Mommies" is now being taught in the Minneapolis Public Schools. And parents, especially moms, are in an uproar...finally! And Katherine Kersten has reported on the issue now firmly in front of black families (HT to Mitch Berg). The curriculum is called "Families All Matter" and is a device to indoctrinate children into "diversity" regarding gay and lesbian couples...oops, uh, families, ...and you know where this is going.
"Families All Matter" is supposed to teach tolerance. In fact, says Bounds, her daughter has learned that people who believe that a mother and father are best for a family are discriminatory." Yup. You read that right. Once again, the left says that if you have principles and morals, you are discriminatory. Even worse, you're a bigot!:"After Sage read "Asha's Mums," he "told the class that his grandfather had believed that black people are stupid," she says. "He said that other adults had helped him see that his grandfather was a bigot." The implication? That parents who don't share Sage's views on family matters are bigots too.

Sage touched a nerve by claiming the mantle of the fight against racism for his own agenda, says Preyer. "I'm appalled that he, a white man, would use that tactic to push his views on African-American children."" I'm tempted to ask if Preyer even remotely sees the racism in her response, also tempted to ask "Well, how does it feel?" And the incredible irony:We conservatives have been called bigots for years because we didn't swallow the pap from the left. But, bigger fish to fry here.

And the arrogance of the school administrators?:"Officials told them to consider withdrawing their children or enrolling them in a private school."

So, we have one more beachhead issue into the monolithic black vote that involves two basic issues: gay diversity indoctrination and government schools. As Dr. Walter E. Williams (who is black) once mused that the KKK couldn't have come up with a better way to destroy black families than government schools.

And what do you think the chances are that Repubs will go into the black communities and use this beachhead issue (as Mrs. Battle told me at the 2004 MN Repub Convention) ? And I'd bet the farm that this same issue exists in Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles. And the Repubs will whine with no action. A squandered moment and superb opportunity.


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