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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Balanced reporting:"They're out to get me!!"

OK. Time to declare victory and go home kids. Prairie Pravda (or Minneapolis Izvestia) has finally come over from the Dark Side and now has balanced reporting. Mpls Izvestia has finally reported on Keith Ellison's woman problems: "She's blackmailing me! HELP! HELP!" In other words, Ellison's a complete and total victim, unlike Alan Fine, who, according to the Prairie Pravda account, seems to have just stopped short of beheading his wife because she neglected to align the toothpaste tube with the edge of the counter in 1995.
Now, I notice that the Strib goes to great lengths to get all the facts in the story that seem to give Ellison the victim status that lefties desire (always better than sainthood). And yet, the radical left wingers at Izvestia just can't seem to squeeze in the real facts on the Alan Fine case. Why? Column space. Mitch Berg at Shot in the Dark does an excellent analysis of the story and an interview with the writer. And thanks to Captain Ed for the brief synopsis and the link:
All of these facts, which provides a much different context than that supplied by Olson, got left out of the story on October 7th. When asked about this, Olson replied that the Strib had space limitations and had to decide which facts would make the editorial cut. Every mitigating fact about Fine was edited out of the story, and every salacious and sensational allegation was included, no matter how little evidence supported it.

So we have Ellison meeting with terrorist sympathizers, a description by no less of an authority than Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, and the Strib sniffs. We also have a gossipy and unproven allegation made by an ex-wife and her father (a Family Court judge), and the Strib rushes that to print, stripped of all context and exculpatory information.

That's the local media here in the Twin Cities. That's the editorial incompetence of the Star Tribune. That's why voters in MN-05 have to consider their vote carefully three weeks from now. If you think that reading our local press has informed you of the candidates in this race, think again. You owe it to yourself to read Power Line, where Scott Johnson has done the work that the Star Tribune should have been doing all along."

As captain Ed says, if you live in CD-5, and believe you're getting the real and whole story, you're lying to yourself.


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