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Saturday, October 07, 2006

38 degrees north and the traitor Gray Whore

As this weekend we see the truly effective results of Jimmy Carter's awesome diplomatic efforts in North Korea, there is another story behind the story that I missed last July. While we contemplate asking Mr. Peanut to go back to North Korea and give us the benefit of his extensive diplomatic acumen, it appears that The Beloved Leader has allies in New York at the Times. Seems that the gray suited porno king of North Korea was dumping tens of millions of high quality counterfeit $100 bills into the world banking system. And The New York Times reported this as a "banking dispute", never giving any of the details. Captain Ed has his read on the story here as it relates to the North Koreans' incursion into the DMZ and the apparent ramp up to a nuclear test in the DPRK. Seems that the NYT's good buddy will only come back to the bargaining table when we apologize for trying to stop him from wrecking the world economy and the dollar. Well, that's why we have Jimmy Carter. He's always ready willing and able to travel on a moments notice anywhere in the world to apologize or bad mouth anything that America does or doesn't do. And the NYT is more than happy to over report his success...and under report anything that DPRK does. Really makes you wonder where the loyalties of Mr.. Peanut and the NYT truly reside.


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