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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A walk through Open Secrets

I'm sitting here watching the Vikings do what they do after watching Michigan State University implode in the fourth quarter last night against Notre Dame. I was looking for Glen Mason on the MSU sidelines as I said there is no one in NCAA football who can lose a fourth quarter lead faster than Glen Mason. Well trying to fill those idle moments in the game, I went to Open Secrets to do a bit of analysis on campaign contributions here in Minnesota. I clicked over to Largest Donors . Among the list is AFSCME (public employees union), Trial Lawyers Association, National Education Association. As I clicked on each entry in the Top Ten, it was abundantly apparent that Big Money goes to Left Wingers. In huge percentages.
Amongst the Top Ten only three ( AT&T, Nat'l Assoc of Realtors and Goldman Sachs) even come close to any type of parity (34%,40%, 60% Dems, 66%,60%, 40% Repub donations) than any of the other seven (which is usually 98% Dems, 2% Repubs).
Take a trip through the site. And when you hear a lefty say that the Repubs are the party of Big Money, look them in the eye and tell them "You are either 1. Ignorant or 2. Stupid or 3. A liar."


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