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Friday, September 01, 2006

A REAL inconventient truth

This article tells us what the drive by media refuses to:

"In just over three months, the United Nations mandat under which the US-led multinational force is present in Iraq will end. This means that the 130,000 troops provided by the US, Britain and 32 other countries would have either to go home or see their stay extended under a new arrangement.

Because Iraq has regained full sovereignty and has a government of its own, the United Nations alone can no longer take the decision whether or not foreign troops should remain on Iraqi soil. The final word on the subject must come from the government of Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki with the consent of the Iraqi National Assembly (Parliament) . "(emphasis mine)

The final word on the subject must come frm the government of Iraq - not the US Government, not the EU, not Jack Murtha, not Coleen Rowley or Patty Wetterling! Iraq is our friend and our ally. It is not in the US best interests to abandon them if they request that we stay. Something that the Dems ignore in their rhetoric. Just one more thing to remember in November!


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