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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For the children...yah-

Don't know if you've ever noticed how when you're on the internet, one story leads to another. I was reading over at Anti Strib a blog entry concerning Alfonso Rodriquez's mother pleading for her son's life. Towards the end, the defense attorney called a witness to testify to the dangers of DDT that was used on farms in the 1950's. The article refers to the fact that there has been an increase in bed bugs (all since William Ruckleshaus banned DDT in the Nixon administration,as if wage and price controls weren't bad enough).
Well, that got me to thinking that I once heard that banning DDT caused the deaths of millions of people (most of whom were children under five and pregnant women) due to a huge upswing in malaria carrying mosquitoes. DDT is cheap and it's very effective. But, since Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" which is the first example of junk science, the greenies have killed million of children. Go here and read the full article. The DDT ban is by the same people that lie and tell us that we need to do it "for the children". And it's not just the deaths. The article also relates the huge amount of suffering caused by malaria, which can also have recurrences that are just as violent as the initial outbreak.
Enviros...hard on, no, deadly to children.


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