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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Finger pointing liar

Yesterday I heard the heated and angry voice of confessed felon Bill Clinton excoriating the "right wing" for accusing him of not getting Osama bin Laden. And I could just see him pointing his finger in this tirade. And it immediately brought back the image of him on another finger pointing tirade: His angrily picturing himself as a victim of himself when he told us that he was, well,less than truthful about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. He reared up to angrily tell us that his private life was invaded, that his family was embarrassed, so on and so forth (analysis here). All the time pointing that finger at us.
It occurred to me that the rich irony of this moment was lost on many if not most people, most assuredly the radical left wingers. The irony is this: he was being investigated by a Special Prosecutor for lying under oath about his sexual past. And why would he be asked about his sexual past? Because as he was the defendant in a sexual harassment law suit, his sexual history is considered germane to the charges and he can be asked about that past. And he lied about it, under oath. The irony comes from a confluence of two left wing ideas. The Special Prosecutor statute was passed by the left wing controlled Congress in the mid 1970's. It was set to expire in the early 1990's. The Republicans urged the then left wing Democratic controlled Congress to let the Special Prosecutor statute expire. Nope. The Democrat, left wing Congress put a five year extension on to the statute. Done deal. And sexual harassment lawsuits? And sexual history as pertinent to the charges brought by the plaintiff? Another idea from the radical feminist wing of the left wing Democrats to show there was a pattern of abuse (interesting that this same procedure in a rape trial is not allowed). So, here is President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton being prosecuted by a prosecutor from a Democratic extended original Democratic statute and prosecuted under laws passed by Democrats. Irony so rich even George Soros couldn't buy it.
And we have Slick Willy angrily wagging his finger at us...again.
Go here and see a part of the video(from an interview to be seen on Fox News Sunday). Then see the follow up video about him wagging that finger as he tells us that he didn't have sexual relations with...well, you know the rest.


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