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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Clearly muddled and completely obfuscated in 55 words

You may have seen the campaign signs that look like Minnesota license plates that say "VOTE YES". Those signs want you to vote yes for light rail, heavy rail and for all things that will not reduce your commute time one second. The signs are from a group called "Vote Yes for Better Roads and Transit" (website). The Prairie Pravda article title is "Most say more funds for roads". However, the article goes on to always combine "roads and transit". And they are not the same. All roads are transit, however, not all transit are roads. And in those fifty-five words is a huge, huge trap. Go to the "Vote Yes" site. Notice the subtle use and combination of "transit", "vehicles" and "taxes". The site says "A YES vote on Minnesota's Transportation Amendment will ensure that all of the existing sales tax Minnesotans pay on vehicles will be spent on our roads, bridges, highways and public transit (emphasis mine)." At the top of the site they say "Make sure your transportation taxes go to the right place"(emphasis mine). There are NO transportation taxes. They are all gas taxes or vehicle sales taxes. There are no transportation taxes.
So, what will happen is that your vehicle sales tax will go for light rail, not roads. Your car or van or truck will not use the rails that go down for light rail. Light rail costs 900% MORE per passenger mile than a freeway lane. 900% more!
Now, read the text of the Transportation Amendment very carefully:"
Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to dedicate revenue from a tax on the sale of new and used motor vehicles over a five-year period, so that after June 30, 2011, all of the revenue is dedicated at least 40 percent for public transit assistance and not more than 60 percent for highway purposes?" A quick read would lead one to believe that only 40% of your vehicle (car, truck, van) taxes will go for transit and that 60% will go for roads. But, after just a cursory analysis, the devil in the detail;s comes out. The text says that NO more than 60% will go for roads. Well, is 50% not more than 60%? Yes. Is 20% not more than 60%? Right again. Is 0% not more than 60%? Ceerectomondo! Now, the text says NOT LESS than 40% will go for "transit". Is 65% not less than 40%? Yup. Is 80% not less than 40%? OK. Is 100% not less than 40%? On the mark.
So, you easily be voting that 100% of your car taxes will go for light rail that you'll never use, see or benefit from...ever. And that goes double if you live in out-state Minnesota (how would light rail benefit people in Duluth, Biwabik, Mankato, Hutchinson?).
Look at the alternatives at the Taxpayers League of Minnesota and a great article in The Mankato Free Press.


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