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Friday, September 08, 2006


Ya gotta admit, you just can't get one by Prairie Pravda.
Yesterday, the headline read that the Winona killer of a woman, her daughter and her unborn child was sentenced to prison. The article went on to say that this evil cretin murdered two people. OK. But the story stated one woman, one little girl, and one unborn child. And today, the article reads "
Winona killer of mother, girl is sentenced to life." And yet, in the story you read that the killer was sentenced to three life terms. Yesterday the description was an unborn child. Today, it's a fetus. And three life sentences. Oh the judge, being sworn to justice, made sure that those sentences were to be served concurrently, not consecutively. Murder a little girl, eligible for parole in thirty years. Oh, and he sexually assaulted the little girl before he killed her. That also amounts to torture.
And thirty years before parole...Yup-There's justice for you! But! Be NOT dismayed! He will have to serve an additional three year sentence for the subsequent arson. THAT sentence will, of course, be served consecutively. Of course.
And the reason he gave for killing ten year old Taylor? Because she woke up as he was killing her mother and came out of her bedroom, and he didn't want any witnesses. And after all, he had nothing to lose by killing a ten year old girl. Nothing at all.
This is where a review of the death penalty enters in. For years I was opposed to the death penalty. Last December when the lefty wienies were crying for Tookie Williams, I read and blogged an article by Captain Ed. He refers to an L.A. prosecutor who lays out why the death penalty works:"
A few examples to make my point: Suppose we have a career criminal with a long record of violent felonies, what we in California would call a "three-striker", who knows that he will be sent to prison for the rest of his life if he is ever caught committing a new offense. When he goes to rob the local convenience store, he doesn't want to hurt anyone - he just wants the money. But he also knows that, as there is no death penalty, he will face the exact same punishment (life imprisonment) whether or not he kills the clerk, the only witness to his crime. He would be a fool not to do so. If he happens to bump into a police officer on the way out, he may as well kill him too - there is no extra charge, so to speak." Now substitute the name of the heinous Winona child torturer and killer and for the clerk insert Taylor and you'll see that he also had nothing to lose. Nothing at all.
The only real justice I can hope for in this is that he somehow gets put into the general prison population. Child killers don't last long amongst prisoners.
Time to re-think hanging.


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