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Monday, August 07, 2006

When THEY want to be US...again

I don't like to cross swords with my friend Captain Ed. But, he and I can and do have some honest but hard differences. Captain Ed tells us that we had better vote for Republicans or it will be worse. That John Conyers will be in charge of the House Judiciary Committee is supposed to scare me to come out and vote. And this from Real Clear Politics that basically tells Republicans that for them to win they need to stop acting like Democrats. That though the poll numbers are bad for Republicans that they can rescue themselves.
How? "
The Republicans may be behind, yet the race is far from over. Democrats have shown themselves more than able to blow a lead in the past.

A comeback is pretty easy to plot. The first realization Republicans need to make is that America is equally divided, and they can put themselves back in the middle of the race if they can activate their conservative base. If they are losing now, it is because their base is dispirited.

Why might core Republican voters be dispirited? The answer is obvious. Republicans promised voters a lean and efficient government, and they delivered the opposite. The size of the government has increased more since Bush took office than it did during Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. This Republican government has been among the most liberal with taxpayers' dollars of any in history."

So, let me see if I have this right: These people, Republicans, who have had between 2 to 12 years to reduce the size of government, reduce taxes, reduce regulations, restore liberty and get government out of way have done just the opposite. And that they will now really, really promise to really get it right in the next two months. They promise that they will do what they promised to do before (and just not quite get around to telling us why they are such miserable failures as Repubs up to this point) and that we really should trust them. Again, because they promise!

Well, they've got to think I'm stupid or hope I'm stupid.

Bad news for you kids: I ain't neither.

Go fool someone else.


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