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Monday, August 14, 2006

Well now, I almost missed this.

I was reading this story in the local Prior Lake MN (which is next door to Savage) paper this weekend.

"Veterans Field at Memorial Park would more than quadruple in seat capacity by 2008 under a proposal to bring a Northwoods League baseball team to Prior Lake.
The plan calls for expanded seating and other renovations at both Veterans Field, where the league's new club team would play, and Ryan Park, where some local teams would move."

Well, this sounds familiar - build us a ball park in order to attract or keep a ball club. However, this was the part that was missed in the local story.

"Prior Lake, on the other hand, is finalizing details on an agreement with former Star Tribune executive editor and publisher Joel Kramer, who contacted Mayor Jack Haugen in early July."

Joel Kramer....that name sounds familiar...former Star Tribune editor and publisher Joel Kramer.....OH HIM!!!!!

" Several well-off Minnesotans who believe more tax money should be pumped into public initiatives said the state can start with them. More than 200 wealthy Minnesotans signed a full-page ad appearing Thursday in the Star Tribune asking the state to raise $2 billion for various initiatives by increasing the state's tax burden for high-salary earners. "We need to invest more in our future," said Joel Kramer, former publisher of the Star Tribune and founder of the think tank Growth and Justice, which organized the "Invest for Real Prosperity" fiscal strategy.

Co-chair of "Works for Minnesota" the group of leftists that decided that "we can afford to pay more state taxes!", founder of a leftist think tank which wants to take money from the middle class under the guise that the money is really coming from "the rich". Now he wants to force the citizens of the City of Prior Lake to build him a baseball stadium for his semi-pro team? I hope that the people of Prior Lake realize what is being foisted on them by someone who can afford to build his own stadium.

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