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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The trouble with the Democratic Party in 1000 words or less

This is going to be tough but I think it can be done. I consider myself to be a JFK/Zell Miller Democrat. The problem is, there is no room for me in today's Democratic Party. The party of inclusion has suddenly become a party of hatred, of "purity tests" for candidates (witness what is being done to Senator Joe Lieberman), devoid of ideas and driven soley by a desire to punish the President.

You may think that I am exhaggerating, sadly I wish I was. Take (for example) this story out of the USA Today.

"Pelosi said, Democrats hatched a plan shortly after President Bush won re-election in 2004 to wage a campaign to bring down Republicans. They asked a group of marketers: "If you are No. 2 and want to be No. 1, what do you do?" Pelosi said the marketers told Democrats that they "could not overtake the leader by just saying you have a good product. You have to pull them down first." And to do that, Democrats had to keep the focus on Bush and the Republicans who control Congress." (emphasis added)

Or this out of the Washington Post:

"After years of struggling to define their own approach to post-Sept. 11 foreign policy, Democrats seem finally to have hit on one. It's called pandering. In those rare cases when George W. Bush shows genuine sensitivity to America's allies and propounds a broader, more enlightened view of the national interest, Democrats will make him pay. It's jingoism with a liberal face."

You have Democrats running on a platform of Impeachment (as the picture below shows)

You have candidates running on how quickly we should withdraw from Iraq, you have candidates running on how quickly they can undo the tax cuts that have kept the economy from tanking in the aftermath of 9/11 (Amy Klobuchar, Patty Wetterling and Coleen Rowley come to mind). You have Democrats running solely on the platform "Republicans=Evil". While that kind of rhetoric may play well with the base, it is not a good way to win over 51% of the American population. While they will tell you what they are "for" (universal health care, raising the minimum wage and pulling out of Iraq) they don't talk about how they intend to pay for the health care or vote for the wage increase when it hits the floor and the certainly don't talk about the things that impact every day American life (rising crime rates and porous borders).

And that in a nutshell is what is wrong with today's Democratic Party. The party of JKF and Harry Truman has become the party of Howard Dean and George Soros! They seem to only care about regaining and retaining "power"and not what is best for America in the long run. Is that what "we the people want"? Well we have 92 days in which to figure that out.

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