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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Senator Al Franken?

For those of you who are looking beyond 2006 to the 2008 races, this story is for you.

"Oh boy, it appears that the great comedic genius of our times, the Saturday Night Live veteran, the sophomoric muse of the left, Al Franken, the guiding power behind the faltering Air America, is testing the waters for a run for the US Senate after moving his unique radio show to Minneapolis from the Big Apple, where wags said, his unique brand of humor was losing some steam with the loss of WLIB-AM, the erstwhile flagship station. "

The article itself is a humous look at what has the potential to be THE Senatorial race of the 2008 campaign season.

"But will the folks in the North Star State buy into the off color one liners, the outright fiction, obscene jokes, threats to kill the President, that Donald Rumsfeld "ought to be tortured," and that Rush Limbaugh has been accused of "being a Nazi," which Air America and Mr. Franken's hand picked crew of disc jockeys, like the irrepressible Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow, have pumped into a reluctant troposphere, groaning under the weight of their worthless truck?

Can the farmers, small business people, common folk, people who still read books and possess critical thinking, patriots of all ages who still value America and her ideals, take a pass on Mr. Franken's all too visible foibles and forget this highly troubled past with the radio dial? "

Please go read the whole thing. This is what we have to look forward to in two short years!

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