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Thursday, August 10, 2006

RINOs versus the base

My friend Amendment X took his friend Captain Ed to task the other day for a post in which Ed made a case for looking beyond the here and now to the possibilities of what could happen should the reins of power be returned to the Democrats this fall. Knowing full well that Ed certainly does not need little old me to defend him, I would like to take a moment to respond to Amendment X.

Amendment X says "These people, Republicans, who have had between 2 to 12 years to reduce the size of government, reduce taxes, reduce regulations, restore liberty and get government out of way have done just the opposite."

He is absolutely correct. The Republicans have had 2-12 years (depending on if you are talking about MN or Federal) and they haven't done the job. The problem is that the guys (and gals) that are trying to reduce spending and taxes etc are running into roadblocks named John McCain and Chuck Hagel and Arlen Specter! When you have your own party leadership working against you, you have problems. What we Republican activists need to do is to take a page out of the Kos play book and TARGET the RINO's like Kos has targeted Senator Lieberman. Those of us who have decent representation need to help our Republican friends in the states (that are represented by these RINOs) to find good qualified candidates who will help the folks like Mike Pence and John Kline and Tom Tancredo to put forward a true Conservative agenda. Staying away from our elections will do nothing more than punish those who are fighting the good fight for us.

"They will change, promise that they will do what they promised to do before and that we will and should trust them."

However if we concentrate on getting rid of those politicians that do that or (short of that) hold their feet to the fire with constant voice mail messages, email messages and faxes, they will come to understand that their constituents ARE paying attention to them and that they need to understand the consequences. That is my opinion....As Jason Lewis said last night (have I mentioned how glad I am to have him back in town?) "so you stay home and what do you get? MIKE HATCH!" Do you really think that Mike Hatch is going to reduce the size of Government? Do you really think Mike Hatch is going to reduce spending? Or will he increase it? What do you think adding a state Department of Energy(as AG Hatch proposed a couple of days ago) will add to the state budget? Do you think that the MN CCRN legislation will stand if the DFL gets control of the House, Senate and Governor's Mansion? How long do you think it will take before the repulsive Profiles of Learning are brought back? At this point in the electoral process, we Republicans need to be a little pragmatic. We know that Democrats will not hold the line on spending...that they WILL raise taxes. It's just a matter of how much! However, even some of the more spineless RINOs will think twice about siding with the DFL when his/her constituents are contacting him daily reminding them that they need to toe the line.

"Well, they've got to think I'm stupid or hope I'm stupid."

Not stupid.....we are just trying to point out is that there is a greater purpose that we need to be striving toward. We need to isolate those RINOs that we can and replace them (and the Dems) with people like Michelle Bachman and Diana Irey and Michael Steele! Just imagine what can be done if we have a Representative Irey or Senator Steele? Imagine what we can do if we just stand together and hold our Republican elected officials to their Republican roots.


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