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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Politician on a stick

That is what Fox 9 News is calling their daily interviews with all of the politicians that are running for state wide office this year. Today's interviewee was Michele Bachmann who is running for Mark Kennedy's seat in the 6th Congressional District. Everything you could ever want to know about this race (one of the top 5 highest profile contests in the country) can be found at BachmannvWetterling (another Andy Aplikowski publication). The interview was unremarkable except for one thing. Three times during the interview, Alix Kendall (one of the two morning anchors) mentioned "gay marriage" three times including in a question that was designed to attempt to designate Michele as a divisive candidate. The question was " Given some of the issues you have campaigned on (tax cuts, gay marriage) do you find your support to be cohesive?" Of course, was Michele's answer.

This kind of question has been normal during the campaign. The local drive by media is not fond of Michele's advocacy for allowing Minnesotans to vote on a state wide Defense of Marriage Act.

If you want to keep an eye on this targeted seat, stop by BVW often. If you want to help Michele, contact the campaign at her website. I know that they would love the help.


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