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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nick Coleman makes up facts again!

Nick Coleman in his article "In a Wayzata yard, 2 signs of trouble for Bush and GOP"
He describes shock at finding someone who lives in Wayzata protesting the president.
Because all rich people are Republicans, how can this be.

So he has a nice interview with Betsy Hannaford who describes herself as a reformed Republican and that George Bush "reformed" her with his war policy etc..

Great story except one problem - Betsy is not a Republican. A quick check of contributions shows she has consistently given to Democrat candidates.

As early as May 2001 (long before Iraq and only a few months after Bush was in office) she is giving money to Bill Luther. She also gave money to Betty McCollum.
Bush must have really reformed her.

The story mentions her husband gave money to Norm, but She gave 5 times that amount to Democrats. I can find no record of her giving to any MN Republican candidates.

So the big story - Rich Liberal Democrats who live in Wayzata take time from racing their Yacht to put up sign to protest president.

Another indepth fact filled report from Nick - but as my friend often says:
"Why are we suprised when a fig tree bears figs"


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