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Monday, August 14, 2006

Minnesota's version of "Where are they now?"

While perusing the headlines of the online version of Prairie Pravda, I came across the wrenching story of Kathleen Soliah (aka Sara Jane Olson) complete with a picture of her appearing before a magistrate in 2002, and of course the obligatory "weeping" picture of her at her 1999 trial. The story, of course, is supposed to be a tear jerker and a hope to give us a sympathetic look at this poor suffering woman as she just hopes to endure prison and hope to never become ill because "in the prison healthcare organization that experts say claims one life a week through malpractice or neglect." Oh, and she feels badly that she has nothing meaningful to do, such as possibly killing little girls with concrete nails as shrapnel in a pipe bomb. Or mudering church secretaries as they make a cash deposit in a bank. You know,meaningful things like that.
Front Page Magazine has a great article about Sara Jane's false tears, empty apologies and the sheer and utter hypocrisy of the left. And by association the pukes at Prairie Pravda as they attempt to manipulate the readers to have any compassion for this disgusting human being. James Lileks also had a column that excoriated Olson and her reprehensible apologists.
The Front Page column takes no prisoners and offers no apologies in the Sara Jane Olson saga (an excerpt):

This Leftist charade has been discredited long ago. The history of the 20th Century has taught a profound lesson: the moment anyone starts talking about "eliminating" poverty and inequality, we must immediately recognize that person to be as dangerous and evil as a Nazi that talks about the importance of a "Final Solution."

Indeed, the moment a Leftist begins to imply that humans can be their own redeemers, and that the perfectibility of human institutions and of the human race is possible, it must be recognized that another re-enactment of Pol Pot'’s killing fields is in its starting stages. That'’s why I have a dream that one day the verbal articulation of class hatred will be criminalized –- just as racist hate speech is criminalized now. But in that context we have a long way to go, since the Left clearly controls our society'’s political language.

Oh yes, I forgot: Soliah has articulated some real tear-jerking apologies. But if you deconstruct her "apologies" carefully, you will find that they are directed at her family members for the "pain" she has caused them. Nowhere has she yet to utter one mea culpa for the murderous ideology that she upheld –- which, when imposed by her ruthless comrades, snuffed out the lives of people who wanted to live and who wanted to see their children grow up. Never has she apologized for perpetuating ideas that are complicit in the mass genocide that has been practiced throughout the 20th Century.

This is no surprise, of course, because being a Leftist means never having to say you'’re sorry."

Read all the articles. Sara Jane "The Recipe Queen" Olson is right where she belongs.

And, BTW, don't forget that these examples of sewer food also repeatedly raped an innocent 19 year old woman over many days to break her spirit. Her name is Patty Hearst.

And Jennifer Warren at the LA Times (and the Prairie Pravda Pukes as they published the story) wants us to feel sorry for Olson.

Well, I do feel sorry for this situation. I feel sorry that Olson will be getting out of prison as soon as 2009.

And when will Myrna Opsahl and Dr. Marcus Foster be getting out of their prison cells called a coffin?


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