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Thursday, August 24, 2006

A-Klo at the Fair

I was just finishing up the last post listening to Channel 9's morning news when they cut to a shot of Democratic Candidate Amy Klobuchar. Now the guys at KvM have long (and well) covered the lopsided treatment that the local media has given our Senatorial candidates, but I thought I would chime in on this interview.

Tom Butler drew the interviewing duty. He started off welcoming her to the show. Amy talked about her "house" that they just opened there at the fair for people to come get info on the campaign and invited all the viewers to come visit her.

Tom Butler then asked - you and your opponent differ on issues, why should people vote for you?

A- Klo answered "Mark Kennedy has been in Washington for 6 years - we need a change. Gas prices are up, helath care costs are up. We should be helping the middle class and not the wealthy like Paris Hilton" (maybe A-Klo should read my last post and look at her own donor base before she goes down that road)

Tom Butler asked what is your favorite fair food and thing to do.

A-Klo answered favorite food is cheese curds - favorite thing is Princess Kay and the ladies league when ladies knit sweaters from wool shorn from sheep at the fair and then they lead the sheep around in the sweaters they knitted.

Whoa - such biting questions (she snarks). Honestly, most politicians get softballs like this in fair interviews. Mark Kennedy will be on later this week we'll see if that truism holds for him as well. I hope that the KvM boys make sure to cover that. Oh and AAA - be nice to the media!


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