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Friday, August 04, 2006

Is the Star Tribune a mouth piece for the DFL?

You be the judge....

"In his second and most recent TV ad, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kennedy portrays himself as a Republican congressman who "crosses party lines," who opposed President Bush on one of his signature initiatives and who has co-sponsored bills with more than half of the Democrats in Congress. Each detail in the ad is accurate. But overall, the claims create a false impression of Kennedy's record. His voting record shows that during his years in Congress, Kennedy has seldom disagreed with Bush or voted against the Republican Party line. During 2001-2005, Kennedy has voted along with the majority of Republicans on about 95 percent of all partisan votes, according to the "party unity" measure, as tracked by Congressional Quarterly (CQ), a nonpartisan publication that focuses on Congress. The party unity figures for 2006 aren't available yet."

As I said here, Coleen Rowley accused Congressman John Kline (in a recent fundraising piece) of voting with the Republican majority 98% of the time. Other Democratic challengers have made the same accusations about the Republican incumbents. Mike DeWine (R-OH), Tom DeLay (R-TX), Rick Santorum (R-PA) are all being "attacked" but their Democratic challengers for voting along party lines.

I am waiting for the Star Tribune's to note that Amy Klobuchar's political "hero" Mark Dayton who has a voted with NARAL 100% of the time! He also voted with Planned Parenthood 100% of the time! He has voted with Americans for Tax Reform 10% of the time. He has voted with NAACP 100% of the time. He has voted with Concerned Women for America 25% of the time. According to Project Vote Smart, Senator Mark Dayton has voted with Democrats a high percentage of the time. Well, Star Tribune - when are we going to see this story? (KvM posts that Mark Dayton's Party Unity ranking at 96%)

What I find to be most disengenuous about this accusation is that most thinking adults EXPECT Republicans to vote with Republicans and Democrats to vote for Democrats! DUH!!! That is a GIVEN. But the brain trust at the Democratic National Committee are so blinded by their hatred of the President that they will continue to run against him, even when he is not running.

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