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Monday, August 07, 2006

Horse rescues....

While this is not about politics, it does speak to the mindset of my fellow Minnesotans.

"Rachel Blount's Aug. 1 article about the three veterinarians from Canterbury Park and the horse rescue groups that save the lives of retired and injured racehorses was inspiring.
At the same time the article brought to light the tragic fate of horses like Ferdinand, who won the 1986 Kentucky Derby and died 16 years later in a Japanese slaughterhouse.
Are there really no alternatives for horses other than the killing factories? Or is the public just too uninterested in them to report abusive situations to animal control or to help the horse's find decent new situations?
What we need is not more horse meat but more responsible owners. The element that Blount's article lacked was great examples of racehorse owners being involved in saving the lives of the horses that served and entertained them and the public at racetracks. Instead, it's the veterinarians and financially strapped rescue organizations that are bearing the brunt of giving these horses a second chance at life.
What if Canterbury Park published a newsletter that let people know what became of each racehorses after retirement? Perhaps owners could be shamed into doing the right thing for these magnificent creatures.

LA St Louis Park"

Emphasis added. Sigh.....I used to own horses...I had a "race track reject" a thoroughbred that couldn't cut it on the track, but was perfect for what I did - jump fences. I agree that horses are most magnificent creatures....HOWEVER....LA - you want to do something for these "magnificent creatures"? Put your money where you mouth is! Buy one of these retirees - they're cheap - maybe $4000 max. Then find a stable that will take care of your "magnificent creature". That will cost you anywhere from $200.00 a month to $500 a month depending on what you are doing and the proximity to the cities. Then there is monthly shoeing ($50-$100 a visit if you need corrective shoeing and most ex-racehorses do) and vet care which can be really expensive if the horse is retired due to injury! If you don't know what you are doing or what you are getting yourself into, you can be in over your head really quick!

Keeping horses is not as cheap as keeping a dog or a cat. They are exquisite creatures with equally exquisite needs. I applaud the vets who are rescuing these horses. They are doing it right! They have the expertise and the connections (and the ability to raise funds from other horse people like myself) to make sure that these horses get the best possible care in their retirement. People like L.A. need to go back to what they know best.....cheering on Junior's soccer team. Leave the care of retired racehorses to those who know their needs best.


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