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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Duck and dodge - cut and run

I recently received a press release for a Congressional candidate from Seattle . This candidate happens to be a friend of mine which is why I got the press release. In the release is below:

Beren: McDermott weak on terrorism and avoiding debate
Steve Beren for Congress (WA - 7th C.D.)

Britain has successfully broken up a terrorist plot to blow up planes flying to the United States. The uncovering of this plot drives home the fact that we are a nation at war with Islamic fascism. But Jim McDermott and the Democratic Party are weak on national security, with a pre-9/11 mentality. They don't have a clue how to fight terrorism. McDermott opposes the terrorist wiretapping program and the Patriot Act - precisely the tools we need to continue successfully disrupting the enemy's plans.

I am sick and tired of hearing Jim McDermott say this is a so-called war, that this is a so-called threat, that this is so-called terrorism, that it's all hype.

The war is real, the threat of terrorism is real, the effort of Islamic fascists to acquire nuclear weapons is real, the attempt to destroy Israel. National defense, homeland security, protection of our ports, and disruption of the terrorists must remain priorities.

McDermott says there is no way we can win the war, and he says we should completely withdraw from Iraq before election day. Such a defeatist approach is not only wrong - it is dangerous. McDermott is entitled to his opinion, but he also needs to be held accountable. He should defend his views in an open forum, and that's why I've challenged him to a series of debates. So far, he has tried to avoid my challenge.

But Jim McDermott and I WILL debate! I won't let him be a debate dodger. He can cut and run - but he can't hide!

Steve Beren for Congress (WA - 7th CD)
(206) 240-1841
* Lower taxes and limited government
* Protect our ports and borders
* Victory in the war against terrorism
This communication paid for and authorized by Beren for Congress

Now, reading this it struck me that there has indeed been little debate so I did some digging. In the Klobuchar/Bell/Kennedy race, only Ford Bell and Mark Kennedy debated. Ms. Klobuchar declined to attend all debates. In the 7th CD, incumbent Collin Peterson was a no show at a debate that included a primary challenger to Peterson, the Republican candidate AND the Constitution Party Candidate. In the 2nd CD, Coleen Rowley has finally accepted (after many local attempts) an invitation to debate incumbent John Kline. The debates that she finally accepted were RADIO debates and not live in front of constituent debates! The same scene is playing out in Minnesota's 6th CD as well. All over Minnesota (and apparently all over the country if my friend's campaign is any indication) Democratic candidates for office are engaging in the same tactic that they are advocating for our troops - avoid engaging the enemy at ALL COSTS. It's the same old cut and run that they advocate for our troops.

If they can't even stand up to defend what they believe in a debate format, how are they going to defend the country if (God forbid) we are ever attacked again! The choice is becoming clearer by the minute. If the Democrats can't even stand up for their "firmly held beliefs" how are they going to stand up for the country?

I would be very interested in hearing of any similar situations out there.


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