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Monday, August 28, 2006

Diabetes cure promised in a Hatch Administration

You read me right! Mike Hatch was just on with Alix Kendall of Fox 9 Morning news. Most of the interview focused on health care. AG Hatch came out in support of Universal Health Care stating that "we have universal care in that if you are sick you can go to a hospital and they HAVE to treat you whether you can pay or not". More on that later.

What really got to me was the AG's hyping of stem cell research. The AG claimed that there would be a "cure for diabetes in 5 years" if we would only fund stem cell research. Now let's first start with the fact that it is only EMBRYONIC stem cell research that doesn't get federal funding. Then let's start with the fact that the other types of stem cell research (adult and umbilical cord) are federally funded and are showing more promise. Let's also talk about the fact that the Ag not only promised a cure for diabetes, but also heart disease and spinal cord damage! All we need is to do is federally fund embryonic stem cell research!

What the AG refuses to take into account (aside from the facts listed above) is that the most recent advances in embryonic stem cell research - the one JUST ANNOUNCED LAST WEEK came from privately funded research!

Regarding the comment on Universal Health Care....while the AG is totally correct in that if you are ill and you show up at a hospital, the hospital must treat you regardless of your ability to pay. He is absolutely correct that we all pay for that anyway - we pay for it in the high rates we pay for our health care! My mother, for many years, worked at a very affluent hospital in suburban Chicago. Even the hospital she worked at had to "give" away their services to people who refused to pay. She saw, first hand, how these costs are passed on to insurance companies and the self insured. Getting rid of the abuse of this will help bring down medical costs for all of us. One way to bring this down is to crack down on illegal immigration! Many Southern California hospitals have CLOSED because they got swampped with people who jump the border just to go to treated for illness and then they go back to Mexico! Hospitals can not afford to be "forced" to give services away. Closing these hospitals affected more than just the employees. When the hopitals closed, the businesses around the hopitals lost business and closed. Utilities laid off employees because of these business closures. The state loses tax dollars. The employees of the hospital (and the surrounding businesses that closed or laid off folks) were spending less since they had less a stone tossed into a still pool - the economic ripples move outward!

I honestly don't know which I dispise more. The absolute pandering that the Dems do to those that are sick, their total distortion of the facts that they choose to cite or their ignoring of the facts that don't suit their predetermined talking points. Either way, I find their stand on the issue of stem cell research reeks of desperation - desperation to regain power.


Anonymous said...

The Democrats are masters of obfuscation, demagoguery, and, for want of a more delicate word, lying.

You won't get them to admit that "stem cell research" covers several different kinds of research, that only the least promising of these lines is only /limited/, and not banned, and that even /that/ can be pursued without ethically questionable processes.

My approach (and you'll never get an answer on this, either), is to take their pronouncements at face value and ask, "So what then?" Assume that unlimited publicly-funded embryonic stem cell research uniquely offers a cure for cancer-- not just one cancer, but ALL cancers. (Remember, we are assuming, here, and ignoring multiple improbabilities.) What then? Will the huge new demand for embryonic stem cells result in women becoming "pharmaceutical factories," producing live embryos for cash? Is that an ethical problem for anyone?

3:29 PM  

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