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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And more $$'s won't help

OK kids, here's quick little quiz: How would the NEA (National Education Association, aka , THE teachers union) respond to this headline in Prairie Pravda:
"New poll shows that Americans know little about the U.S."
1.YIKES! That's awful! We obviously have been directing education down the wrong path! Please, allow us to get out of the way and become a partner to success rather the reason for failure in education.
2.School choice.Now more than ever, the only obvious way to get education back on track.

3.Obviously the schools need much, much more money and we need to reduce class sizes.

Yah, that would have been my guess too.

Oh, and a little help for Zogby, as his organization ran this poll : There are ten Congressmen from Minnesota. Eight members of the House of Representatives and two Senators. As so many people ALWAYS get this wrong, and it seems so did Zogby, the Congress of the United States consists of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate.All Senators are also Congressmen.
And a P.S.: Doug Grow said the poll should knock the smug out of politicians. Partly right Doug. It should knock the smug out of left wing politicians and their fellow travelers in the teachers' unions who have been behind this failure for decades. And this is only a new poll that shows the same old failures. There really is nothing new here Doug. Nothing new at all.


The Lady Logician said...

This is a rhetorical question....isn't it?????

2:07 PM  

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