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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Acceptable discrimination

This story confirms what many people have long suspected. That it is perfectly ok (according to liberals) to discriminate against Christians.

" The Minneapolis Police Department has temporarily suspended the use of a well-known psychologist who has been screening potential officers for more than a year after community members questioned his affiliation with a group that opposes civil rights for gays.

The issue of Michael A. Campion's affiliation with a conservative Illinois group that says it opposes the "gay lifestyle" was brought to interim Chief Tim Dolan's attention on Wednesday during a meeting with the Police Community Relations Council.
Although he said there's no indication of any bias in Campion's work, Dolan decided the next day to stop using him until an independent review could take place." (emphasis added)

There you have it dear reader. There was no indication of bias, but that didn't stop the city machinery from chewing him up and spitting him out.

Front Page Magazine
dug up what the Red Star refused to print - that this was done at the behest of gay rights and pro abortion activists.

"If you’re a Christian working for the City of Minneapolis, watch your step – your job may already be in jeopardy. In what may be one of the most blatant acts of anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination by an American government agency, the Minneapolis Police Department has suspended a Police Psychologist, Dr. Michael Campion of Campion, Barrow & Associates, at the behest of leftist activists."

The Red Star never said WHO told them about Campion's affiliation with IFI. Just that that accusations of bias (because of his faith) were made!

Christians working for the City of Minneapolis should be very afraid, should this be allowed to stand. Just because Mr. Campion was a consultant, doesn't mean you couldn't be next. Your First Amendment rights, along with those of Mr. Campion, are apparently not as guaranteed as others.


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