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Monday, July 24, 2006

What's a budget?

OK – so it’s 8am and I’m listening to the Fox 9 Morning News anchors talking about the story that MNDOT is broke. They discuss all the possible reasons for the lack of funding (like the fact that there are a lot more road projects being undertaken by the state). Alix Kendall, the female anchor, then goes on to mention that all of the members of the Minnesota House and Senate are not going to campaign on this because it means they have to talk about because (wait for it… know what’s coming….”

That’s right – every answer to every problem in the state is raising taxes! The schools aren’t teaching your kids – raise taxes and throw more money at the problem. The city you live in is over-run with criminals and there aren’t enough cops on the street – go crying to the state demanding that they RAISE TAXES to give you more money. You have a problem the government will give you money to solve it. To HECK with the fact that we are going into the next budget biennium with a surplus – RAISE TAXES!

Remember when the last biennial budget was set up, the state had serious budget deficit. As a result, projects had to be postponed – spending had to be curtailed. It is part of the adult process called BUDGETING - a process that each and every family in Minnesota has to deal with. You can’t spend more money than you take in! However, this year it was announced that the state was taking in more than it was spending, because of that, the state will now have MORE MONEY to spend on things like roads.

No Alix - raising taxes is NOT the answer. There is a budget surplus and once the legislature convenes, the money will be in the budget to start the construction projects that were put on hold.


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