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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Threshhold

It's been a while since I've posted. Mom's surgery , keeping up two households, a business and politics have kept me fairly busy.
I've had the opportunity to talk to Sue Jeffers a few times over the past two weeks. I asked her a number of questions and heard her out on a number of issues that are near and dear to her.
Over the past twenty years, I've been asked a number of times either to run for public office or why I don't run for public office. My stand? Right here.
And so, in my conversations with Ms. Jeffers, I found there is an overriding question that I kept thinking about. Why would anyone want to run for public office? What would prompt Sue Jeffers to run for the highest constitutional office in the state? Here is the owner of a very successful small, second generation family business. She is well known and respected in the local business community. She is also a mother. She's never held or even run for public office before. So, what happened that she felt that the only solution was to run for governor of Minnesota?
here is a parallel with a friend of mine. Though a conservative, he has never put a bumper sticker on his car. Never gone to a caucus. Never made a campaign contribution. And now,after Tim Pawlenty has taken away the referendum for him as regards education funding (His comment "The governor just allowed the local government schools free access to my checkbook and I can't say yes or no!". Then there was the horrible bonding bill . And to add insult to further injury, the "Make Carl Pohlad Richer" Stadium Funding bill. And it was from my friend that I first learned of Sue Jeffers. He has emailed her. Contributed to her campaign. Has a number of bumper stickers that he's distributing. He's talking to a number of his friends and co-workers about her. And he's finding that there are a large number of people that agree with him. And he told me it was wonderful to finally have someone to vote FOR, not a lesser of two evils vote.
And so, what prompts these two people to get involved to this extent? One to risk putting her private life in very public fishbowl, to suffer the taunts and attacks from people that don't even know her, to go up against the endorsed candidate and therefore the moneyed people from the MNGOP?
Well, I can imagine that the phrase "enough is enough" could easily be applied to both Sue Jeffers and to my friend.
And it would appear that the same phrase would apply to a number of people across the state.


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