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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sue Jeffers Running mate is Ruth Hendryck

Amendment X breaks another announcement -
Received a call this morning from Amendment X about Sue Jeffers.
Since he is out on a boat and away from computers, he asked me to post this - He will add more details late.

Sue Jeffers Republican candidate for governor will announce that her running mate for Lieutenant Governor is Ruth Hendryck.

There is also some talk of national press next week, more details later.

Amendment X will have many more details later.
Ruth is married to Scott and lives in Hanska, MN.

Also a hat tip to Captain Ed who will be adding details also.

(Amendment X called a bunch of contacts to see if anyone could post this for him - and for all the technology connected people, not one was near a computer. So much for the stereotype of a bunch of bloggers trapped in their basement blogging - everyone is out in sun today).


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