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Thursday, July 13, 2006

States right on immigration

The other morning, Laura Ingraham was railing about the fact that states and municipalities were having to do the "federal government's work" by taking on immigration.

"At least 30 states have passed laws or taken other steps this year to crack down on illegal immigrants, often making it harder for undocumented workers to find jobs or receive public services."

Now the Logical Husband has always accused me of being a glass half full kind of person. I suppose he is correct because I generally do see the postitive in a situation, like this.....

I see this as a shining example of how our representative republic should work. The states are obligated to do whatever is necessary to protect their citizens from any danger. In Minnesota's case, the danger coming from methamphetamine.

"Meet Alberto Zatarain. He was the local face of a highly organized Mexican drug cartel selling high-grade methamphetamine across Minnesota. Now he's behind bars. But his case shows how cartel trafficking is intensifying here -- and why it's tough to stop."

Alberto is (I know this will shock you) an illegal immigrant to Minnesota. He and his cohorts from the cartel come into and out of the country at will. They are not hear, as some will tell you, to work hard and get their American Dream. They are here to poison our neighborhoods. If you don't believe me, take a look at this. THIS is what meth does to those who use it. THIS is what Alberto and his friends are bringing to America. THIS is what needs to be stopped and if the federal government will not do it, the the states are obligated to do so.


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