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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The patricians get their wish!

Well, well, well....the Happy to bend over, er, PAY for a better Minnesota signatories must be happy about this....

"An unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year, even though spending has climbed sharply because of the war in Iraq and the cost of hurricane relief..."

The effect has even trickled down to the state level!

"Money is rolling into the state treasury at a faster clip than finance officials were expecting, and it's looking more likely that lawmakers will have a surplus to work with when setting the next budget."

The constant, from both stories, is that the the rich are paying more in taxes this year than the have in the past! Whether it's estate taxes or capital gains taxes, the rich are getting hit hardest when it comes to paying tax revenues and isn't that what the patricians wanted??? Here is a thought for the about we make those tax cuts permanent?

Or maybe is that isn't what the patricians are after. Maybe their real motive that they feel that there are others who should be the ones who should be paying the lions share of the taxes????? Maybe they really don't want to pay their fair share after all and this is their way of disguising their desire to soak the middle class for more money....


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