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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The left, fairness and a gun in a knife fight

I know that if you've followed the battle between Israel and Hezbollah, you've heard the many on the left admonishing Israel for a "dis-proportional" response. And you also have the the usual suspects calling for yet another cease fire, but emphasizing that Israel bear the brunt of a "measured response and draw down."
I remember the quote from the movie "Patton" where George C. Scott says "The politicians always leave us with another war to fight." Israel has done everything asked of it. Cease fires, withdrawals from Gaza and the West Bank and the myriad promises from the U.N., Clinton/Albright, the Dayton accords, Roadmap to Peace, the Oslo Accords, promises of a peaceful, self-governing Palestinian populace, yada, yada, yada...And by fully complying what has Israel got? Shootings, murder bombings, many civilian deaths, attacks on their soil, killed and kidnapped soldiers, rocket attacks and the derision of the world.
And the expectation is that Israel should do what has proven a failure? Many times a failure. As Captain Ed states "
To use a crude analogy, if someone is stupid enough to bring a knife to a gunfight, it doesn't mean that those holding the guns have a moral obligation to fight with knives instead." As a Lt. General once said "If you want to compare war to a football game, I want to win 200-0 or 300-0." The left has always been about "fairness". The left seems to think that war is resolved and criminals mollified with cease fires, proportionality, candle light vigils and balloons for peace. They seem to think that bargaining with evil will yield pleasant results. Always remember, evil wants it all.
And evil is never satisfied with anything less.
I hope the gun Israel brings to this fight is a 120mm smooth bore gun tube. Attached to a Merkava Mk-4 Main Battle tank.
That should work.


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