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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The blame game.

Remember the partial government shut down at the end of the 2005 legislative session? If not, you had best refresh your memory on it because it will be part of this year's campaign. Many blamed Governor Pawlenty and the Republican led House for the shut down. If that were the case (that hard right Republicans would rather shut down the government than increase taxes) then what do you say about this?

"TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Atlantic City's casinos were ordered to close Wednesday, the latest casualty of a state government shutdown that entered its second day Sunday after the Legislature failed to adopt a budget by its July 1 deadline...

Most Democrats in the Assembly and several Senate Democrats oppose the sales tax increase, fearing voter backlash and reserving any tax increase for property tax reform. Assembly Democrats proposed a series of alternatives, some of which Corzine accepted, but both sides remained $1 billion apart as the budget deadline passed."

Here we have a Democrat Governor, a Democrat controlled House and a Democrat controlled Senate shutting down because they can't agree on whether to raise taxes or not! While this is a partially good sign (Democrats holding off on increasing taxes because they fear voter backlash) it is still a bad sign because no one even considered cutting unnecessary spending in order to free up the additional funds.

So when we are in the height of the campaign and some DFL'er tries to tell you how the Republicans are responsible for government shut-downs, I hope you will refer them back to what happened in New Jersey last week.


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