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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where in the world is Coleen Rowley?

Call me crazy, but I was on Coleen Rowley's campaign website today, looking for information on the candidate that is challenging Congressman John Kline. I took a look at her News & Media page to see if maybe there was some interview out there that I just had not seen. What I saw was interesting indeed. On 5/31, she posted something on the Huffington Post (am I really that desperate for material???), on 5/26 she did an interview with Electric Politics (they are out of Bethesda MD for those who are interested). Then, of course there is the Star Tribune Op Ed that I blogged about here. There is a March TPT interview and then there is an article in the March issue of Mother Jones Magazine. The bottom line is, there is not a whole lot of Twin Cities exposure for Candidate Rowley.

While on her site, I did some digging around, just to try to get a feel for the campaign "philosophy". Apparently their canpaign philosophy is to hang out on highway bridges and to go to house parties for the candidate. I mean if that is what she thinks will work for her....


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