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Friday, June 02, 2006

When diversity is actually a good thing!

While I was at the convention this past weekend, one of my discussion groups had an interesting series of exchanges (all paraphrased and no names used to protect the innocent)...

Writer A: We must contact our legislators about the upcoming vote on the marriage amendment.

Writer B: Well we must not let up on them on immigration....

Writer C: Radical Islam needs to be our immediate concern...

Writer D: No we must be on top of the degradation of the culture.....

In Minnesota, we have been having our own version of these conversations. Some feel that the stadium issue should be the defining issue of the Minnesota election, others feel the cigarette fee/tax should be "it", others see where this is going right?

One of the great strengths of the Republican Party is it's activists and we ALL (yes I include myself in this generalization) have our pet issues that we are most passionate about. What we need to do, instead of letting these issues divide us this election season, is to use these differences to help the party succeed! If we all take our individual areas of passion and expertise and combine them, we will have a stronger party, a stronger messege and a much stronger chance of gaining seats, both in St Paul and in DC come November! Let's make sure that all ideas that mesh with the platform are given a fair hearing in the arena of ideas this campaign season!


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